Custom printed packaging should be a reflection of your business - custom printed gift bags, personalized paper bags, plastic shopping bags, recycled bags, oxo-biodegradable bags, reusable cotton, non woven, canvas tote bags, gift boxes and custom boxes supplies from Mertpak say a lot about your company. These are great sales opportunities! A well planned custom printed packaging program can project quality, increase sales, solve problems, powerfully represent your business.

At Mertpak, we offer top of the line custom plastic bags, custom boxes, food packaging, custom print carrier - shopping bags, and other customized packaging. Let us design the right packaging for your company. When customers leave your store, you want them to leave with a package that makes them feel good about their purchase. We take that into consideration when designing quality plastic shopping bags, paper bags or reusable cotton, non woven, canvas tote bags.

Custom boxes - such as gift boxes or corrugated boxes - are a great way of packaging products commonly purchased as gifts, or products displayed on a shelf competing for attention. Whether it's one item or a total packaging program, it's an opportunity to get people excited about what's inside. 

In choosing packaging, make eco-friendly choices when you can, like biodegradable bags, recycled bags, recycled boxes and other products - ranging from gift bags to paper bags to plastic shopping bags. In fact, your customers will feel good when they've made a choice to purchase from an environmentally-responsible business like yours! At Mertpak we are concerned about the environment which is why we offer a wide selection of green packaging.

Let Mertpak handle all of your custom printed packaging needs! We can design exceptionally tasteful custom plastic bags, gift bags, paper bags, food packaging, custom boxes, shopping bags and shipping supplies that will reflect the exceptional products you have to offer.