Whether its custom retail boxes or other printed packaging, how you package and what's on your packaging will play a large part in how successful your product will be in the market. More often than not, the retail box is your only salesperson in the store. Your packaging has to do a lot – it needs to attract attention, be convincing, and ultimately sell your products. This is not an easy feat considering the competition vying for your customers. Custom printed boxes are a quick, easy, and attractive way to get your product noticed. A good design of box will catch a consumer's eye and want to make them pick up the product for a closer look.

 Mertpak offers;

-Full Colour printed boxes with your artwork

-Custom sizing to fit your product exactly

-Matte or high gloss UV finishes

-Metallic Foils, embossing and debossing

-Box windows and packing inserts

-Minimum volumes starting at 1,500 boxes


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